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2022.09.15 | Trial for Bioghum™ S series for Biomass & Sorghum business.

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2022.09.15 | Established Bioghum Pty Ltd as a subsidiary of FHT Holdings Corp., Japan.

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Bioghum is a specialist in Biomass and Sorghum 

Established in 2022 as the subsidiary of FHT Holdings Corp, Japan. We are contributing to the decarbonisation of the natural resource & energy sector through our advanced Bioghum™ S series sorghum seed. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable future. Bioghum focuses on the natural resources & energy sector, specialising in the Sorghum business which includes sorghum seeds, biomass pellets, biofuel, stock feed and other Sorghum derived products. Our research programs are facilitated in Japan and Australia, optimising the yield through cutting edge cultivation techniques. Bioghum™ S series is one of our products successfully demonstrating a larger yield compared to other varieties which are available in the market.



Bioghum™ S series is our proprietary Sorghum seed product line in which the cultivation and processing methods are carefully selected to adjust the needs for end use. The seeds are catered towards bioenergy, biofuel and stock feeds. Our strong alliance with logistics companies allows us to service domestic and Asia-Pacific customers with intention to grow to other international regions in the near future. The seeds are produced and processed locally in Australia with cold storage facilities used to maintain the purity, germination rate and quality of the seeds.

Sorghum Seeds


Our proprietary produced seeds, Bioghum S series.

Sorghum seeds specially created for biomass pellets.


Stock Feeds

High sugar content Sorghum for Ethanol and Biodiesel.

High Yielding Sorghum seeds for grain, hay & silage.



Our operations are strategically split between two regions in Australia; including farms, seed processing plants, storage facilities and logistics. 

These regions allow us to grow, store and transport the product efficiently across Australia and overseas.

Australia map with Queensland highlighted.

Northeast Queensland region
Southeast Queensland region

Sorghum photo
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Our research is being facilitated across Japan and Australia. Kyushu, Japan is a sub-tropical environment with well-known agricultural land, perfect for trials and research for Bioghum™ S. With a similar climate in the Northern Queensland region, it allows us to use the methods obtained in the trials to execute on a larger scale.

We plan to monitor our cultivation using different technologies such as devices fixed to farms to collect weather, soil moisture, nutrients and other data to maximise the yield potential. Satellite imagery is also crucial to gather data across the cultivation period to assess the growth of Sorghum in particular farmlands.

Image by Drew Beamer



Tel:  1300 737 922


Suite 201, Level 2
309 Pitt St
Sydney, 2000

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